another lazy summer day

by Amy Cubbison on July 17th, 2009

Happy Friday, although in summer everyday is like FRiday. Especially when drinking wine is involved. All of my friends, including myself say we are not going to have wine during the week and lo and behold we do. It is not overdrinking but just  a couple of glasses with friends in the evening and hanging out. Still I don’t feel as healthy with it being a daily habit. I am going to the gym, to sweat out toxins and bloat and then coming back here. We may go on another bike ride or play tennis. Yesterday we went on a bikeride and what a workout it was. Riding with Kaylee on the back of my bike up steep hills in  deep humidity. OMG…… I did not even have to go to the gym.

Kaylee has been having a sassy attitude lately. She has also had a few nightmares. One last night involving a plane that takes her to heaven. Lovely. I hope that is not symbolic in anyway. Or a fear that Mommy has damaged her with my fear of flying. She keeps asking me questions about healthy food, diet, and Jesus. In between her whining that she needs a Barbie townhouse, really bad.

All the kids are preoccupied with their diets and being healthy. I am not taking it personally any longer but trying to go with it. It helps that I don’t have extra money for treats. Although they are having a hard time believing that. Yesterday Kaylee told her friend that she is a chocoholic and Mommy is a shopaholic. Not anymore doll, not anymore…….Wish I had the luxory of that problem. ha . Just kidding. I do need to cut back on the Disney channel for Kaylee. That is where some of her sass is coming from . I want her to be confident but not Sassy. She tells me she loves me over and over again, so much so that I get scared that is a red flag as well. This mom stuff really pulls one over on our minds…….doesn’t it? THe most important, toughest job that has so much pending on riding on it that there is a never ending guilt.

Wills anxiety is weighing a little bit. I am making him three home hot, cooked meals a day, to his request of high protein etc. He seems to think  this helps him and it probably does but not the easiest of chores. He is being health obsessed. Today he went and pulled a garlic root out of the garden and chopped it up to put it on his eggs, to add longevity to his life.

Gotta run to the gym to get my other form of therapy. Enjoy this beautiful summer day. Tonight there is a concert in the  park and all of the OPE moms and going there to drink wine, eat food, and listen to good music. Something I love albeit the crowds!

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