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by Amy Cubbison on July 4th, 2009

Happy fourth of July. It is a happy one for Kaylee and I . Yesterday was a bit of a drama day, where I was getting tough love from my brother, and everyone was pulling me in different directions and I felt very confused and fragile once again……so what did I do.? Kaylee and I took off to Annapolis Maryland to see my childhood friend Lisa. She lives right near the water and has a beautiful home, a beautiful boat and great friend’s. It is so good to see her. We always have been super close and it is as if no words need to be exchanged. She gets me and I get her. Anyways last night we went out on their boat and hung out with a bunch of other boats, listened to music, ate, danced and drank while watching the most wonderful show of fireworks. It was a mood cure that is for sure. They have a really nice life here, and Annapolis is a great town. Kaylee was mesmerized by the fireworks.
I am missing the boys but still confused as to when I am coming back. WIlls is doing okay and I am proud of him. I want to visit my childhood nanny Miner and see my ailing aunts before I come home. I am looking forward to just hanging out with the kids and enjoying the beach and summer for the next six weeks before I have to put my butt to work bigtime.

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