Ho hum………..

by Amy Cubbison on August 25th, 2009

Ho hum…………the kids dont like the house I found. I am super bummed. I fell in love with its charm. Although it did have freeway noise but at our price range ya gotta change some things for others. Anyways, it is quite frustrating. I do like the thought of less maintenace unless the home comes with a maid. Ha. P.s.( I don’t like spell check because now i know how many words I am mispelling). ditto. ….
anyways It is the morning so all of the kids are whining about school. Kaylee looks like she is absolutely exhausted when she gets home from kindergarten. She was in a a new dress and it was covered with dirt along with her face. She told me she wants me to cut and sew her dress to make it more fashionable. She wants to make it shorter and cut sleeves off. I have to admit it was a size four and it was so long on her. She also told me she is afraid to go number 2 at school so she held it. My heart broke with that noise. She does have a best friend though, whom she really likes. No boy problems so far.
Wills is liking school because of his best friend in the class. I can already tell the new secretary does not like me. She scolded me yesterday. This stinks I just broke the last one in and she is gone. I am one of those moms that calls a lot but geeze. Wills asked me to give him lasagna noodles, sauce and cheese in containers so he can make his own lasagna at school. I am sure you can imagine my response “No.”
I had a terrible headache last night. Infact I have had one for a few days starting behind my ear. You know how my imagination goes wild, or atleast I hope my imagination goes wild but I had myself with a brain tumor and was on my way to get a MRI> I feel better today so that is good. Wills was really concerned about me, which was nice. He kept on hugging me and telling me he was sorry and loved me.
I had Jen and her son visit yesterday. She is a college friend. I love our time together. She is so authentic and real and a gem as a friend. We had a nice visit.
We both were commiserating or just realityating about how different life is when we have to watch our money or lack of. I told her how much I have been going through good and bad. She could relate because she had a similiar situation. She gave me so good words of advice and wisdom. I told her the other day I went to a mall, which I have not been to in a long time and I almost had overstimulation seizure. All of the sudden I got in touch with the Amy that has the latest and the greatest and felt void of her. She has been MIA. I miss her and I dont’ at the same time.
Gotta get the kids school, we are on a role so far, only one tardy.
Oh and Kaylee has been upset that she can’t totally read so I bought her Princess Cd’s that sing and read the books to her. She was not thrilled when I got them for her but she certainly enjoyed them all night. It brought back a lot of memories to me when my brother and Dad bought me fifty longplaying 45 records with books, and the I felt so lucky. I remember them clearly. The bell would ring in between to tell you to turn the pages……….aww……..

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  1. Andrea Roybal permalink

    Hi, Amy.

    E-mail to your earthlink account is bouncing and I’m trying to inquire on the status of two separate orders placed on August 13th and both paid via Paypal. Neither seems to have been shipped at this point and I’d love to know what’s going on with them. One order was for a mama & baby t-shirt set, shipping to ZIP 87504, and the second was for a mama & baby t-shirt set PLUS a second baby tee. That was was shipping to ZIP 84132. The orders are both under the e-mail address listed with this comment, and you can reply to me there. Thanks.

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