in bed

by Amy Cubbison on September 8th, 2009

i am in bed and happily so. I am so tired of being so busy that i declined a party yesterday and a lunch with a friend today. can we say progress/
William is devestated about our moving. I love that boy but i am so tired of his inquiries. simplicity is what i long for……….at this time in my life. yea sure, i know some but not too much.
kaylee is still not liking kindegarten, and part of me wants to keep her out but I am not sure if that is a good idea or not. Frankly right now, i have to many decisions to make so to not make one feels good.
i had tons to do today but ofcourse did only a few productive ones, mainly yoga and a mannicure, that were badly needed-for mind and self esteem. ha.
I did not sleep that well last night so that always complicates things.
On a nice note today in yoga this particular woman whom alwayas smiles at me, brought me over a yoga mat from the back room. It was so sweet, it choked me up and I got tears in my eyes. gentle, small acts of kindness make a difference.
I am happy to be home. today i was happy to pick up the kids and stay home, although part of me wanted to run. i was dreading cleaning the kitchen and cooking dinner, both of which i did and felt good about. i love being a mother but when the time comes when i feel used and abused, i want to resist and retire. Calling all moms who know how this is.
Tonight Jac, and neil played soccer and kaylee wanted to play. Jac wanted to help Kaylee get her soccer gear on. He helped her to put her chin guards on and she was so happy. i love her becoming the little athlete.
Super tired, did i blog about the concert the other night,”nickleback/’ anyways they were so amazing and i cried the entire concert -not a sad cry but a touching cry. I love their lyrics and heart. Goodnight. xo

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