Lot’s to say

by Amy Cubbison on September 26th, 2009

lot’s to say in my biweekly blog…………….mostly it is coming from hormones. I feel really hormonal in many ways-if you get my drift. Trying to make my blog more pg 13 rated. anyways I have been really short with people lately and that is rare for me, and always hormonally related. I am also very hot and tired. It has been so humid and hot here that I can’t take it. I long for the fall, that I love so. My heart is broken right now over several things. We had a garage sale today to get rid of our things. I am so lazy about packing, cleaning and moving. I feel internally depressed. I long to be more organized and simplified but I do not feel as if I have the energy. william is so upset about moving, that that breaks my heart as well. I just have to acknowledge him and his feelings. That is tough when I feel the same way.
Tonight we are going to meet friend’s at the beach park for a picnic. We always love doing that. I was out at a bday party for a bit last night, and even though I was in bed by ten, I tossed and turned all night.
I got out of the house as soon as the garage sale started. I would of stayed out all day but my nephew summonzed me back. My mother said whenever they moved or had garage sales she got her hair done. I tried but it did not work, atleast I went to yoga, and had a good ol sweat. We went to lunch today and lets just say i have had enough mexican for a while. I am soo sick of it.
The boys were really excited about making money at the garage sale. At eight there were 50 mexicans waiting for the garage to open. last time i had one, they wanted things so cheap, I just gave them away to them. This time some money was made, and it was a good lesson for the kids. Tomorrow we are going to do it again, or they are. ha. I have so much to do in the next few days that I can’t even begin to deal with it. i have been feeling like somewhat of a failure lately. a failure in a lot of ways. I am not trying to be dramatic but I have had these bad feelings, some are justified and some are not. I hate having regrets. I went to bible study this week, and enjoyed it. I always feel so intimidated by the clean cut woman in there. My friend said to me-are you intimidated or vindicated? I think it is both. That damn conscious. ha.
kaylee was frowning all day because she did not sell any of her clothes and then our neighbor came over and bought a Barbie from her, at my suggesting. He was so cute the way he handled it, and how excited about it. When he asked her the price she said,”five cents, no one dollar.’ she get’s mixed up. It was a priceless moment. TOday she told me that she wishes that i was like Marinas mother and taught her how to read and she did not have any cavities. wow, that hurt and I was not sure how to handle that one. It made me sad. I think this failure feeling is uncomfortable enough for me to change some of the things I have been trying to change over a year and have not as of yet. I have made some good changes so I need to give myself some credit.
Off to the picnic, will blog tomorrow cuz lot’s more to say in the days of the life of the housewife me…………I really am more of a playmate, cook, driver than housewife now..for better or for worse……..ha

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