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by Amy Cubbison on October 17th, 2009

I keep deleting my posts. It drives me insane. Just as I finish a well written, witty, articulate passage, my finger slips and it is lost in space.
Anyway recap. Last night, Charlene and I took the kids to see the taping of Zach and Cody in la. Kaylee was too young unfortunatly. The kids had a blast. IT was the season finale and they had a big pizza party and the kids got to meet the casts and get autographs. To watch the kids faces was priceless. Making posssitive memories in their memory bank to defeat the not so possitive ones.
We are getting our house painted inside. It is making it look cozier. Wills is getting use to the house now. I want to fix up the backyard. We still have a lot of stuff with no home, and that is frustrating. I want it clear of any clutter. William wants to have the exact colors from our last home.
Anyways been feeling pretty happy and calm in between my little fears popping up. Sometimes I get scared like a little girl, and for some reason I think I will always have that side of me, even when I am ninety. I was thinking last night, how I have so many feelings and emotions and I wonder what it would feel like or be like to be even keeled all of the time.
Friday was the kids last day for fall break. Two weeks off, yikes! We are going to go to Palm Desert with my mother for a few days as well as plan some other things ie;visit Jean or disneyland. I am looking forward to just chilling with my kids. We have been using the pool here which is a nice added plus. I am also enjoying the view from our backyard which has beautiful trees. I planned a party for a housewarming/ bday party. Gotta throw in my bday ofcourse. I tried to put no gifts on the evite but could not lend myself to that. Ha. Progress not perfection. Gotta break in my casa. I am a bit nervous about where eveyone is going to go and how to keep the cost reasonable but I am sure it will work out.
Kaylee just drew all over Jac’s soccer ball. He is going to flip out. I want to be gone when that happens. Kaylee just brought me out a bunch of cold potatoes and cold broccoli and told me she made me a tasty snack. It was really cute but not appetizing.
I want to walk the neighborhood to meet kids today. Their school keeps asking for bills with new address on it. I am scared. I would hate to have to change their school midway. Especially since their school is so awesome and amazing.
William went for a sleepover on a Pilgrim ship with his class. They each had to take turns watching the deck for Pirates which means in turn, no sleep and super cranky Wills. Yowza. Thank God he fell asleep in between whining on the way there.
Going to run to yoga at the gym. I think yoga is one reason that I have been feeling calmer. I love it and what is does for my mind and body. Had a break up with a friend that always makes me sad but I am realizing that is just part of life and to focus on the great core group that I am blessed to have. I am feeling super close to my mother and blessed that she is supporting me emotionally. It is like a dream come true and I feel truly loved.

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