Holla………….or is that hola?

by Amy Cubbison on November 29th, 2009

Hello again. It has been quite some time but only because we were out of town and my friend’s computer is slower than a sick turtle. Anyways lots to say if I can remember it all. ha. Right now I just googled my symptoms and I believe that I diagnosed myself and I have a sinus infection. Thank God, cuz my mind was wondering to the gloomy place that a hypochondriac visits often. So I am going to go to the doctor’s and then sweat it out. My mother is having a political cocktail party today. I have rangled up a few friends to go but I had to ask my nephew what the mayors name was. uh oh. BUt along the lines of that, I am writing a list of all my goals, small and large and things I am going to change in my life to help me mentally, emotionally, intellectually and physically. Maybe I will post them when I write them down. Love to inspire atleast one person if I can. Sooooooo…………..We went to visit Jean in SLO. I have been worrying about doing that drive solo with the kids for so long. As you may know or not know, I am nervous to do anything that I have never done before. Well now, I realize the possitive effects it has when one faces their fears one at a time. We did it, and not only that it was easy, I can visit Jean a lot now, and it is a beautiful drive . There is the ocean, green beautiful trees,mountains, and canyons. It was quite breathtaking. Not to mention that the kids had a blast playing with Jean’s kids. Kaylee got a bit homesick but that is because she is only five. Jean is a great mother, and a very organized person. It was great to see her because we have not connected in a long time. We have known eachother since one year old, in pa. She is like my sister and I also hold her on a pedistool because her moral factors are stronger than mine. That sort of get’s in the way of me connecting with her over the phone. Once I was in her sight, and she in mine, it was as if no time ever passed. I immediately got in to my silly role that I always had when we grew up. She has always thought of me as a spoiled girl or semi diva, and this time, I convinced her even more. I was not feeling well and would take naps, and go to bed early each night. I must have had thirteen hours of sleep each day/night. She was not buying it but truly I was very tired, and draggy.
William was like the Big man on campus. All of the boys followed him around the house the entire time and laughed at everything he said. He was loving it. Jean is a great cook as well. For thanksgiving dinner she told me about fifteen times how her guests were very conservative. She wanted me to wear a turtleneck. Ha ha. I covered up as much as I could, for me and it still did not pass the test. Everyone was nice and ofcourse I enjoyed everything about that day.
Jac stayed with Neil and they had a blast. Jac has been very loving to me lately and cuddling me how he use to. I love it.
Kaylee just told me that she can’t wear orange because it does not go with her eyes. Then when we were driving home from SLO, she told me one of her feet fell asleep and she was not sure who was going to win, her sleepy foot or her non sleepy foot. IN other words was she going to fall asleep or not. So cute.
Anyways seeing a childhood friend is healing to the soul. I am feeling pretty happy and peaceful lately. I need to follow the budget that I lined up for myself and be smart with money. I am going to decorate the house today for Christmas. Jean inspired me in many ways and I realize more areas I need to work on with my kids and for my kids. The one change I am making with them today is flossing daily, even though they whine and complain, also adding flouride to their diet. Then for me, reading the newspaper and watching discovery with the kids and Cnn when I am at gym instead of Vh-1 although I love love music and it fills my soul with feelings. Terra

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