I am back……………Me and Et or who was that character

by Amy Cubbison on November 2nd, 2009

Anyways i feel as if my planets or the planets in my sign are aligned. Feeling very excited about life and options out there in all areas. I am excited the moves that we are taking with my business, and actually realizing how much I want success, and not to fear it so much. Some great people have really entered my life. I am grateful for that. Some have left and i have mixed feelings about that but I do know that it is very nice to have all people I trust completely in my life.
Kaylee has been having nose bleeds at night. I worry about her but the doctor assures me it is normal. Jac had them and grew out of them. I need to get my kids flu/immune shots for regular flu and swine flu. Put it on my ever growing to do list.
As I was saying earlier, william has been being more outgoing lately. His self esteem has grown as well as his body. Such a dynamic kid he is.
Cami was over today and she gently reminded me of how I need to get more rules in order and enforce them. My how I forget so easy but I do see them getting better about cleaning up after themselves, after I yell at them about it. If I raise my voice one octive my kids feel that I am screaming loud enough to shatter glass. Maybe i should do wife or Mom swap. Ha. No way. Enough reality tv for a while.
I have been feeling creative lately and that always feels good.
Kaylee keeps reminding me of getting that strip for my occasional snoring problem. More like occasional too much vino problem. Atleast it is not regular. Geeze. ha. actually I have cut back on drinking and it feels good. I need to do it more. Tonight I am home in bed, and drinking chamomile tea. I get caught up in the social scene and forget how much I love to be home, healthy and taking care of myself and my kids.
I keep getting lost when I drive the kids somewhere. They have to guide me. I can honestly say I have the worst sense of direction.
My father was not in the best spirits yesterday> That always breaks my heart. But we did have a great visit with him last week. We need to do it again.
Tomorrow is my brother’s bday. I love you Peter, and wish you all the success and happiness you deserve. He lives his life to the fullest, think he got that from my mother. I can be like that but then I have the super sensitive chip that gets in my way.
Halloween was fun. NOt sure if I wrote about it since I have Mommy mush memory but I met some cool, nice neighbors. I did feel sorry for some of the elderly neighbors that live alone, and who’s houses were all decorated to the hills for the holiday. I promised to visit a few of them. In my free time that is……….ha.
Oh and also I got interviewed for this new Woman’s magazine and it went fantastic. I loved the crew and we can mutually help one another.
The kids met some kids in the hood and that is all good news. Did I tell you I told Wills about wellfare when we saw a homeless person and he asked me why we did not get it to stay in our other very large house. I found that hilarious. I love to laugh. I love to laugh at life’s circumstances.
Kaylee keeps opening up a bunch of her Halloween candy and lining it up on my couch. She has the open chocolate there. Let me tell you that is a new No No in our house. I am about to start throwing half of it away. Kaylee was making designs and animals out of her M & M’s today. Pretty creative of her but we don’t run short on the creative gene here, short on others but not that one.
The leader at Bible study called me today to see if I was enjoying the study. I was so honored she called me and then she sort of hinted around that I was looking at my phone during the class. Oops I did it again. That blackberry is a blessing and a curse. It buzzes and my curiosity arrises.
Wills was a terrorist for Halloween, Not sure what Jac was and Kaylee was a witch-a good one. I kept telling Wills he looked cute and he would reply,’Mommy I am a terrorist and we are not cute.” Then I told that story to a few neighbors and Wills told me it was not funny and he was sick of hearing it. I hate when Kids blow my cover. Ha. Or my schpeel………..Not sure how to spell that word.
On a slightly funny note, today I asked one of the Kaylee’s friends moms if she wanted me to take her little girl and Kaylee to the park, and she said, No. Then I got paranoid that she did not trust me because I had a glass of wine, at my business lunch. Which is not a daily thing but I was wondering if she thought that. Anyways I may think the same thing if the roles were reveresed. Let’s not judge until we know all of the details or whatever that Shakespearian, Biblical quote goes. THat is enough for now.

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