by Amy Cubbison on November 2nd, 2009

Not sure why I posted a negative tittle, since I really try my best not to be negative. It came to mind as I am watching, one of those gossip shows and they interviewed this phsycho, crazy person who is in prison for attempted murder. I can’t stand when they glorify someone’s violent behavior, or when someone makes money on a crime, or when a news show gives ideas to crazy people. There see Mom I can be somewhat political. Ha. Actually I am getting more aware of things in the world, more and more. It feels good. I am actually feeling pretty good right now, still vulnverable and not making best longterm decisions, but that is me. Lot’s of thoughts running through my mind. All of my horoscopes keep saying it is the time for great friendships, and business opportunities, and I feel that. I certainly hope so. It has been a rough, sad two years or so.
I am looking forward to my bday/housewarming party. That always motivates me to get my house in order and looking good.
Today the kids went back to school, and ofcourse at seven thirty they all felt ill. I knew it but ignored it and got them all out the door with everything they needed. Let me tell you that is a great feeling.
Yesterday was my Mom’s bday and I had a luncheon for her. I made spinach salad, rosemary potatoes and portabello, gouda foccacio sandwiches. She was happy. It was a nice day although they were an hour early and it stressed me out. Not to mention William was on fast forward that day and rambling on and on about war etc. Reminded me of when my parent’s use to say,’First one to talk is a monkey. It took me thirty years to realize that is why my parents always said that to me. Ofcourse I lost always. Ha. He is so sensitive if I say,”Leave me alone please or something like that” He then inquires about that, and then he is upset that I am upset and it never ends. It is a self aggravating and a no win situation. I need to take him back to the therapist. He was in a good mood today. He realized he is getting a c in algebra and not a d, and he is understanding how good it feels to do his homework early.
Kaylee had me write on her beautiful drawing today,’I am a Princess and I rule.” Okay. Hmm.
I have more to say but will come back after I help Wills with something.

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