A good night’s sleep

by Amy Cubbison on December 18th, 2009

Going to bed at eight thirty is so healing. That is the only reason I am able to do so much. My naps, and downtime, not to mention getting nine hours of sleep. This is old information and material that you know but its twue, its twue.
Right now I am on the phone with customer service in I think the usual place-India, and they can’t understand English. Now I am a nice person but this frustrates me beyond belief . I just said this long whole problem and then he asked me to repeat it and then three more times. Ughh. I also tried to negotiate my bill down and he kept on saying a number, then I would refuse and he would put me on hold for five seconds to talk to the “manager” (I am thinking a piece of paper with instructions) and this went on until I got the bill down to a nominal fee.
I am so sick of hearing what the kids want for Christmas, like for Christmas, don’t like, afraid they might get, afraid they won’t get blah blah blah. Who knew it is Jesus’s bday. It is all about materialism at the Cubbison’s home.
I do like being able to threaten calling santa. Although it is getting a bit old, soon it will be the Easter Bunny and so on. Everytime Jac or William do something wrong, Kaylee comes and tells me to call Santa. Uh oh someone is screaming bloody murder downstairs….gotta run
Ciao for now.

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