Fatigue and The Holidays

by Amy Cubbison on December 17th, 2009

Man now I know what it is like to be really tired. I am juggling so much but a lot of good stuff. I have never worked so hard. It is really exciting. When I stop I am like jello. Today I went to the kids Christmas class parties and I just did absolutely nothing and pretended to be busy. That is normally what I do but don’t tell anyone. OH I did glue some pastel pictures, which I got all over my face and hands but then I just sat in rocking chair and observed the kids. They are so cute. Me just being there is so important to them. I volunteered again for the art attacks………….
Jac is like the man in his class. This little boy in his class kept on staring at my cleavage. I was so self conscious I kept on pulling my top up. Then I was getting the teachers names mixed up and their gifts. NOt smooth…..ugh. Break then it will be the new and improved Cubbisons!!
There was a dad in the class that I am almost certain was missing a chromosone. He was as straight as Liberace. Not that it matters but it was worth a chuckle. As long as he is a good soul and father.
I am working out with a trainor and I have never been so sore. I am sore in places that I did not even know I had muscles. It is humbling for someone who has workout for twenty three years straight.
One of the jobs of mine, I am happy to say for my company, is to be social and go to a lot of events/parties. So I am , that is another reason I am tired.
Tomorrow is a day packed of mom stuff. The kids have dentist appointments that they have yet to find out about, Seeking santa again-he is hard to find during a recession-soon they will charge for him. Then karate, and then lunch then Wills and I are going back to therapy. Hallelulujah, or however you spell it. Then A San Diego Business magazine party. So hopefully I will get some down time tomorrow. Tons of events this weekend and I can’t or don’t want to miss any of them. Also taking the kids to see a child version of Annie. I am so excited as that was my Broadway debut play. I waited outside to get the casts autographs ie; ANdrea Mcardle. It was freezing and snowing in New York but I was star struck……oh speaking of I have not lost my phone or my keys for two weeks. or one and a half. How about them apples?? Progress not ………well you know. Kaylee told me she does not want to eat hot lunch cuz her friend said it will make her fat. Oy veh…………..eating disorder starting already. I remember when I was little, I would diet during the week and then let myself have a soft pretzel and chocolate mil on fridays. Ha. Night until manana

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