I am having a daja vu (I almost said a menaque of trois) by accident

by Amy Cubbison on December 24th, 2009

That could get me in a lot of trouble or fun.!! Ha. Just kidding.
William just came in and said he googled my name and sexy pictures came up. He freaked out until we investigated it and they were just normal pics from facebook and my site etc. That kid keeps me on my toes. I honestly don’t get the internet and how much is out there and information for all to see. Sort of makes me want to not expose myself-joke. Sort of. William and I are watching,”Julie, Julia.” It is a really nice morning. Wills loves to cook and he is getting old enough to appreciate the same movies as me. I love it and I love the conversations it sprout,,,,,and questions for that matter. Oh the questions? I like how Kaylee and Jac are in little blisses still. For a short time being. Anyways loving the movie for many reasons, but mainly the learning about Julia Child’s amazing life. She did not start cooking or get married until she as forty. Isn’t that crazy and cool!! LIfe begins at forty. That is my new outlook.I have spent to much of my life feeling that I missed out. This movie has ironies especially since she has a blog and it is causing a lot of excitement and prolems in her life. It is difficult as to know when to not publish or write about something in one’s blog. I know this all to well.
I am burnt out and ready to just sit, chill with family eat and chat. I am done partying. for a few days……..ha. No really I know when I am tired, I just nap all day and then go to bed at eight and am contant to sit still. This movie is making me want to cook though, after the holidays I am going to get in to some major dinner parties-after I rest. Ha. Did you catch that? Anyway this movie is saying that Julia’s blog was taking over her life and so on that note I better spend more time with my family. A couple cute things for the road.
Kaylee told me she likes Zander the most in her class because he is a good boy and Santa will be giving him the most gifts. Ha. Atta girl. If I wrote about this please forgive me. Usually my brain is overloaded and these days it is bad…..so bad where I am forgetting important facts about people I care about. I don’t like it at all. Now I know when people use to be amazed at how much I did and how much time I had on my hands, and how I could keep in touch with five thousand people. Well I can’t anymore and everyone is finding it out slowly but surely. Trying the best I can as we all are. p.s. Kaylee wants to grow up to be a reindeer so she can fly. Does she realize she will not be able to dress in cute, fashion clothes? I better break the news to her. ha. Merry Christmas Eve. Blog tomorrow………

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  1. jane rodriguez permalink

    missing out on…………..just discovering myself as a person without having someone take care of me and save me…….and figuring things out…..growing up.

  2. julie permalink

    What u missing out on?

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