OH yea uh huh……..

by Amy Cubbison on December 16th, 2009

Oh yea uh huh…….Saying that only because I am blogging two days in a row but I think that phrase is on way out or has been…..i dunno. Kaylee came up to me and said, “Shimmy,’ as she shook her body. She also told me that she wishes she was London Tipton from Disney because she was (in a french accent mind you) “Rich Rich Rich baby.” I know what you are thinking and me to….but it is hilarious. One or two more for K-there was a song on radio that say’s” Sexy.” Kaylee was laughing like a elderly college professor, and she said,”I wish Jac was here, he would get such a kick out this as I do.” She keeps asking me what words and things are appropriate for her age. I get a bit stuck on how to answer some of their “trick” questions. Wills asked me what a prostitute was the other day………hmm. NOt easy to answer. Last night the kids and I went to Toni’s for dinner. It was a great evening-she cooked, kids played, we watched xmas movies, and listened to music, had martinis and ofcourse had a great conversation. Kaylee helped us make the dinner and she said when she tasted the asparagus, “this is exquisite.’ Too bad she is a bit shy because she could be destined for stardom. I don’t know if I would ever want to do that to her.
So not having Neil around lately due to work, is really making my job tougher. I am focusing on work tons, which is soooooooo exciting but to balance, take care of the kids, house etc is tough. Especially at night when I am tired and they are tired, they whine, fight, and cry and I get my ruffles feathered {wanted to say feathers ruffled but I like it reversed cuz it is fashionable. Ha. When I get upset William freaks out and starts yelling t me. He is like a teenager…….so tough sometimes. Now he is using things from therapy back at me. That little bugger wait until we go tomorrow. My little emotional, smart carpenter (that is what my therapist named him) Not sure where he gets the emotional part from-ha ha. Moi!!!
So anyway last night’s dilemna was Jac had a lose tooth which he talked about and played with all night. Finally I just persuaded him for me to yank it. He lets his father but to Jac, his father is the holy spirit. I was scared but I did it. I am woman here me roar, or mom hear me roar. Anyways he was happy, I was proud and then I got no sleep worrying about being the tooth fairy, and forgetting like some of my childhood memories……..So the lucky little boy got a twenty from the tooth fairy cuz It was all Mama had. Great wait until the other kids see that!!! and I wanted a quiet day.

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