Quality time In Between The FIghting

by Amy Cubbison on December 20th, 2009

So far today I have had the best unplanned, morning with my kids. This is my favorite thing to do. I got up early and came downstairs with my computer and big blanky and was laying on the couch. One by one my snugglebugs climbed under blanket with me. It was really cute. I kissed and loved on them and wanted to eat them up cuz they are sooooooooooooo lovely and cute. Jac and William actually did not fight for about an hour. Hallelujah!! William is playing with the Wii, a game called Mii, where they create cartoonesque pictures of friends and family. It was so cute and creative. Technology does blows my mind these days and all of the high tech games. …..and to think I thought Simon was cool and or Merlin. ha ha.
So me being the social director of LeaveMeB.com, I am really enjoying it. Now there is no guilt involved, it is my job. ha . Went to a lovely dinner party at Dyane’s last night. It was really fun, although I was tired from the previous night. Ah the costs of being a socialite. Dyane was funny, I as well as everyone else, practically cooked the entire dinner. It was fun, and we did a gift exchange where one could trade or take back from others. I have never done that and it was a lot of fun, except when I lost my favorite serving dishes……..but I got them back.
Yesterday took the kids to see a child version of the musical “Annie.” It was a stroll down memory lane. I was so choked up by the story and the memories of going to the Broadway show (my first) when I was elleven. I love the story. I wish my father came with my mother. I was having such nice thoughts about being in New York with my parents, in my fancy coat, just like Annie, and how my Daddy carried me and was like My Daddy Warbucks. Teared my makeup off. There were quite a few elderly people in the audience and I helped this one couple find their seats and get to them. Then my kids did that with another elderly woman. I as proud to see it. I love random acts of kindness always!!! She me the love baby!!
Our neighbors little girls were in the show and the four year olds antlers kept falling forward. It was hilarious cuz she was so upset and trying to fix it the entire time. She has the cutest face and looks like a cherub. We laughed for ages over that. I hope they have it on video.
Lately been busy and happy but feeling a bit vulnerable about a few things so I am trying to do the things that make me stronger and feel better, in a healthy way. I also am recognizing some childhood feelings that Wills has of wanting everything to be perfect, all or nothing, and not liking change. I am glad I am not like that now, but see I still have a small part of that inside of me. Now I can relate to William more.

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