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by Amy Cubbison on December 20th, 2009

OMG……….. I am back…..back in the sense that I am blogging on a regular basis…………See I am good at jobs when I know exactly what my responsibilites are. Clear boundries that is what I need for myself and from other’s. I think everyone is as open as me and that is not the case-plus I am trying not to be so open. hence my blog-lol.

I am finally realizing how important it is for me to really step up the plate in reference to my kids and taking them to places they hate and I hate cuz it hurts them. The most important part of this is, protecting my kids from some things that hurt now, is not as important as protecting them from things that can be avoided or will really hurt them in the future. So this brings me up to Mommy errands the other day-we went BACK-to the dreaded dentist office-me and the three ninos. Jac and William did great and have no cavities and I think the dentist was successful at convincing them to floss daily and how important it is to brush atleast twice a day adn for more than five seconds.  Hmmm Need these reminders for Mommy as well. I am not great about flossing. Anyways when Little Kaylee had to go-it was not a pretty sight. She screamed, wiggled and cried all the while they were just looking at her teeth and brushing them. I felt so bad for her and Wills was helping me comfort her during this time. p.s. I love to see that, it is so sweet when Jac and Wills love on their baby sister. Anyways after we waited in the waiting room and my kids tore up the place, the head denist came out and told me he thinks I need to find a more pediatric dentist………….huh? Rejection my worst fear. Ha.

Speaking of tearing up the place-well you know by now, that we as parents have good days and not so good days with the kids. More good than bad but when it is a bad day, it is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd day. This days was one of them. I was shopping with all three of them, at Ross, and let me tell you the entire packed store noticed the Cubbison’s there. William as tormenting Jac and even though I warned Jac and William, they both ignored me and  it ended with Jac head butting William, William retaliating and then me screaming at Wills, Wills screaming at me for always sticking up for Jac, both crying, and then Kaylee crying cuz she was worried about her upset brothers. Then Wills hid in the clothing rack and so it turned in to a scavenger hunt. I was not getting nice looks from the people in the store. Lighten up, it is Christmas!!! That is why God invented wine and martinis for Mommy’s days like this.

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