Funny Kaylee’s cute comments

by Amy Cubbison on January 17th, 2010

Just erased entire entry. I need to find out how I keep doing it. ugh….now I know how a writer must feel when they lose all their creative inventions. So here is a brief run down. I always wonder if I delete it cuz God or a higher power does not want me to write what I was writing about. Ha. My brother Peter, is in town, and I am so happy to see him. Love him to death. My father looked very happy and that makes me very happy. I was kissing his head all night. William has also been so respectful and nice that it is a (to me) that it is a sheer miracle. It is sooooooo nice. I had a dream that my house was much bigger and nicer but the kids kept on trashing it over and over again. I spent the whole dream yelling at them and feeling helpless. Finally after a long night of bad dreams, I started slowly cleaning up one room at a time. I kept on saying that mantra to myself and it is something I seem to be saying to myself lately. I am feeling overhwhelmed and to much to do, (Not all social either) and don’t know where to begin. I keep saying to myself what I use to say when I was in college and had this feeling-“the in-box is always full, so just do a few things out of it everyday and mark them of, and relish in what is accomplished that day. Its twue, its twue……ha. So last night I had a good dream about my father that he was running and doing so well……..yea!!!!
I keep making Amyism’s, as Gail calls it. More materal for my book. I keep calling the wrong people and getting them all confused with what I am saying. I have so many same names and contacts in my phone. It has gotten out of control. I am also getting myself in a pickle with some of these calls, and I am such a chicken on dealing with it directly……….so here is Kaylee.
She told me that everytime she gives a purse away a part of her dies, when she does and all girls feel that way. Ha ha. She is getting a lot of material from London Tipton some good some not so good. She was talking to Jac how it would be so nice to be really really rich and have a limo……..Huh?? Then she asked me what her Putty (ladies privates) lives off of and what it eats. Yes that was a tough thing to answer polictically correct. My friend said when they grow up they eat big sausages……ha . Sorry when r rated. I was thinking that they are not a separate being and do not have their own mind but then I thought of how men have to heads, and think with that one. Sunday humor. SPeaking of humor, I just set up my tv to record all fun and educational things. I want to watch something funny everday and keep laughing…………Kaylee’s finale for yesterday. I asked her to share with Jac, and she said,’Mommy I hate sharing in fact I wish someone had never invented it.” Ha ha…….touche doll. Off to gym than party for football playoffs……….yea!! Who is playing?? Ha ha serious………gotta find my little Charger shirt.

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