whine, whine and wine!!! My favorite one………….

by Amy Cubbison on January 3rd, 2010

I need a glass now that I fricken deleted yet another good entry. To try and recap……maybe God is giving me a big hint that I tell to much or say to much on my blog. Or to help me relinkwish control. (Weard spelling an sounding) Which by the way I have learned I do have some control issues. Man once you study phychology, it makes one ananlyze themselves over and over, and others. Not always good. Thinking to much……Anyways Kaylee is five, and very fearful, of her own shadow. I have not been that patient but am remembering that Wills and Jac went through this. The whining is out of control though. I forgot how much I hate (dislike sorry Mrs. Dewees) ha. private joke. Anyways we addressed this issue at our much needed but much dreaded family meeting. It was actually not as bad as I thought, and I can see it being helpful in the future. The cutest part was when Jac could not find anything for Kaylee to work on, and just said, “She is pretty and pretty perfect.” Then Kaylee smiled and only said Jac needs to play more of his favorite game-soccer. It was adorable and a love fest. THe two of them dote on one another. Ofcourse William wants me to work on time and scheduling. Which I agree one thousand times over. I asked everyone to listen to me, clean up after themselves, and treat me with respect and one another……..Big goals for the Cubbison family ahead.

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