whining again.

by Amy Cubbison on January 7th, 2010

Kaylee is whining so much and talking all day long, and it is driving me loco……….I hope this stage passes as well as her being afraid of everything. Sorry to complain but you all know what I am talking about. Kaylee is so smrt and has a business mind like my family. She keeps commenting on commercials and products that work, as well as constantly noticing when places we frequent, ie; yogurt shop, is not as busy as it has been. She is so hilarious and destine business woman. Actually when I was little, I remember thinking about things like that as well.
Today Cynthia and I had lunch at Jakes. It was so nice but when I got there, there was no parking so I parked next door. Well I was already running late and I did not want to walk around the entire parking lot so I decided to climb through the bushes, separating the restaurants. YOu know how I get ideas that are not so great nor thought out? This was one of them. I felt like Lucile Ball. Not only were there bushes but a wire fence and my fancy boot got caught on it, and I was getting covered with leaves and restling in the leaves and trees. The valet looked at me as If I was a nut case. Ha. Well I made it and then I had to brush myself off to be suitable for lunch. and we had a great time.
My son just told me that I fell asleep the other night, sitting up and holding my cell phone, in my hand and computer on my lap. Ha ha.
One more…….I burnt some bacon in the frying pan so bad, that it was a flashback from the past, and I even took the pan outside and hid it. When was first married, I did not know how to cook, and I constantly burnt pans and hid them outside cuz I as afraid to have Neil see. Ha. I am embracing and appreciating some of my crazy memories…….nite

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