Puppy On my lap

by Amy Cubbison on February 18th, 2010

My little puppy, or our little puppy Bailey, is sitting in his favorite place-my lap. Hi is sooooo cute. Yesterday I brought him with me everywhere. He cries when the kids leave for school or when I leave. He is so attached to us. The kids are so good with him, and love him so much. Kaylee is being so nurturing towards him. She and her friends dress him in baby clothes and wheel him around in the stroller.
I am going to try and stay more focused when writing my blog. If you ar enot and ADDer than you may find it tough to follow. Right now it is the typical hectic moring and eveyone is complaining. Calgon take me away. ha. I just had to help William with his homework and can I just say “ooh vay,” I had to fricken guess on half of it. So hard-I don’t get it he is in fifth grade? I need to hire a tutor. I pretend I know what he is talking about sometimes. Ha.
I have a great story to write about later. It is one that touched my life and several others all by being kind. Gotta take the ninos to school so will come back later to finish that one story. Hurray for school-God love it.

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