tuggin puppy

by Amy Cubbison on February 25th, 2010

Right now the puppy is tugging at my pant leg, he is giving my hair a break. Oh by the way yesterday the alarm guy who is sort of a friend came by my house to help me safety proof my house, and my dear son William told him two patches of my hair extentions fell out, and needed to be glued back in. Love , lOve when those prescious words come out of my darlings mouths. Ha ha. …………I have been doing to much again. I fell asleep at seven thirty last night to prove it. I keep having to remind myself to say no, and priorities. My foot is fractured a bit but healing quickly. I am happy about that. I have not worked out hard in a few days and I am josning for it. I took a vicadin the other day and did I have a day of laughing all day. I was cracking myself up with my quick wit. I had lunch with Hadley and we had a wonderful time, as usual, supporting one another, loving and laughing. This must be the week for highschool reunions, cuz yesterday I saw Cynthia for lunch and I have also known her for twenty five years………Off to take the kids to school. I will blog later.

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