Damn Toothfairy

by Amy Cubbison on August 20th, 2010

Why does the tooth fairy always forget to come.? Well it turns out that she hides the money really well under the bed so we have to find it later. ha ha.
Our family lose their teeth so much that it should be their college fund.
Yesterday Kaylee and I went grocery shopping and then I made the mistake of buying Kaylee her favorite-Barbie gummies (they have some resemblence of fruit). Anyways everytime I succumb to buying them for her, I remember why I should not. She maniuplates and begs to eat one more package. She said that she is such a sugar monster that she can’t control herself. She hints all day-Hmm I am hungry but not for this or that just hmmmm……..something sugary with vitamins in it. Ha ha. NO mas
Conner slept over last night. william and he are planning a business. It is so cute to hear them talk about it daily. I believe they will make it work. Can’t tell you what it is a secret. Some of it is top secret from me because when I walk by his room, he comes out and hugs me…….suspicious behavior. William said his teacher was nicer to him yesterday. One of my heros in the office spoke to her about William. Trying not to get yelled out in parking lot. It is like walking on egg shells, but I can tell they are sensitive to me and how I am trying.
Jac won a soccer ball at Soccer. He is enjoying school, soccer and life as usual.
The other night I went to a wine tasting and I got so many amazing compliments-the one that stuck in my head most was that I get more beautiful every year and today I look beautiful and sexy than ever. Those Italianos……ha.
Taking kids to beach today. Then going to races and finally Michelle’s bday party. Long day …….need to drink diet red bull.

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  1. you are funny………..yes slowly but surely along with ten other selfr help books.

  2. the man permalink

    obviously, not reading the book and lying about it

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