School is cool

by Amy Cubbison on August 17th, 2010

How dorky does that sound. Oh well-it is my blog and I can be as dorky as I want. ha. Anyways I titled my blog that because all of the kids are so happy with their classes and teachers. I did a bad mommy move that left my heart aching. I took Kaylee in to her class and she was so excited. All of her friend’s from the last class were in there. She was jumping for joy. Then we could not find her desk. So I went up to a Mom I know but did not recognize and asked where her teacher was. She pointed to Mr. Verga. I suddenly realized we were in one class down. So I snuck Kaylee and I out of there so nobody would notice. My heart was aching for Kaylee especially when I took her in to the correct class and none of her close friends were in there. She was such a champ and said,”It is okay Mommy.” I think she saw I was so upset for her that she did not want to upset me more. She is so sweet. The good news is that she ended up being in love with her teacher so she does not care. Her teacher is pretty, fashionable,and sweet-all the ingredients for Kaylee to fall in love. Oh and she made them cookies yesterday in the middle of the day-Jackpot!!!!!

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