Spoiled Rotten……………

by Amy Cubbison on August 14th, 2010

We had a great mini vacation several dollars later. If you could have seen me trying to get three kids packed, out of the house and answer all of their questions and break up their fights-you would have stopped at one. Ha ha. The lil buggers had the nerve to keep asking me if we were staying at a five star hotel or a four star? Did I know that at six? I Doubt it. They were so dissapointed in not going to Tahoe, which by the way we get another opportunity, that nothing compared. Once we arrived they gave our location the thumbs up. Newport is a beautiful, quaint town. Infact I want to buy a house on Balboa Island. I love it. I want a boat and a house on that island or a beach house over looking the ocean in Laguna/newport. Or anywhere for that matter. Is that too much to ask-or dream for???? I have been dreaming about a lot of things lately that I really want-not material things but non tangible things. It feels good.
Kaylee got on her hands and knees this morning and prayed to God to thank him for inventing candy. Uh oh……..Sugar bugs.
After this trip I am going to call Nanny stella , Charlene or Cami in to help me get some order. I want to start out new this year-school year that is. I told William we were going to get organized and on tradition and schedules and he said,”We always say that.” Uhhhh……Dont’ make a situation or mood worse-that is the Cubbison mantra-I believe it. They dont’ listen to that either.
Kaylee is so close to swimming. I am happy for her. She keeps dreaming of it and so do I. She met several friends and although they were twice her size they were her age. I love to watch her interact with friend’s. She told me she is tired of being the littlest and she wants to grow so no we need to eat more than chicken tacos in the fall. Ha ha. That is a summertime, breakfast, lunch and dinner staple at our house.
Today we are going to take a boat out. Jac is afraid of boats. He is having a blast with Brock, Gina’s son. They were in the water for eight hours straight yesterday. we had to shove chicken fingers down their moist mouths in the pool.
The kids and I went in to this candy store that was blessed by God, ha ha. This asian lady was in there and I could tell she was about to blow a gasket due to us. She was following us around, mumbling and then screaming when anyone touched anything. It was quite funny because it was hardly a nice store. Uptight people like that make me laugh.
Oh and yesterday while I was feeling insecure and fishing for a compliment, my friend told me that she can tell that I have been eating a drinking often-because my once rock hard body with a flat stomache has a vino pooch-in the front and in the back. Hmm. Hard to hear especially when I was out feeling cute. ha but she is right. I have not been drinking water at all and eating and drinking anything………but always going to the gym. So today I am up at hotel going to gym, and yesterday I got back on drinking lot’s of water………It is a good thing. I mean on me five pounds fluctuating is a lot. Oh and the kids used all the shampoo so I used soap to wash my hair-not to self and anyone else-never use soap to wash your hair-my hair felt like glue all night…………Not a hot night at all.

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