Back to school…………..

by Amy Cubbison on January 3rd, 2011

WELL Today the kids are back in school and all went well. William rode his bike to school so darn early, I did not even know he was gone until I text him and he text me back. He is having such a great time these days and relishing in his popularity. I am happy for him but need to schedule my alone time with him.  He is on skype, chat and emailing constantly.  He has been respectful to me lately in his tone, and that is nice. He is not afraid to ask me anything or tell me anything. I just really need to teach he and the kids to pick up after themselves……..It drives me nuts. I was so remiss in teaching them that. I now know why I go on strike and give up at times. Used and abused it feels like. No more of that for me. It is redundant but I just need to do it over and over again. I have been in Martha Steward mode……albeit a sexy Martha coming back, but I have been cleaning a lot and cooking a lot. I am loving it as because that is what I love to  do for the people in my life and the people I love.

Kaylee wanted me to cut her jeans, with holes in them to shorts. She said she wants to look like a rockstar!!! She is so cute. She has been whining lately which I need to nip in the bud

Jac’s soccer starts up again so he is excited. It has been cold and rainy lately and that is condusive to staying in the house more. I have had a few more friend’s lose a parent lately. It is so sad to see and so inevitable and soooooooooooo scary to me. I hope that I get to enjoy my parents for a much longer time.

I am excited about the future now that I have some plans. Today Charlene and I worked on leaveMeB a lot and got caught up and it felt great.

One of my new year’s decisions is to not get involved in other people’s drama because I am trying to help. It always comes back to bite me in the butt………….no mas!!

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