Bad baby mommy

by Amy Cubbison on January 21st, 2011

I have not been blogging and I also made a Mommy faux paux the other night so I am slapping my hand. Ha. Kaylee was so excited to start gymnastics. I was resting upstairs and she kept on coming up saying,”Time to go, time to go.” When we had plenty of time. I bought her a cute little leotard , that btw she looked adorable in, So I got ready to take her as I was going out to dinner with a friend that night, afterwards. we got there on time, and found out that it doesn’t start until February and it is not at the Ymca location we thought. Grannit they should have told me this when I registered on line but they didn’t . I felt terrible. I was going around asking classes if I could pay for Kaylee to join them for one night. Anyways Kaylee took it as the champ she is. I told her we would practice at home and then I took her to her favorite place in the world<"Swirls." SO it was all good. Did I write that William is using Kaylee as a babe magnet. MY words but he has her talk to his "girl" Friends. They love her. Who doesn't. Speaking of love....well finally feeling more and more love for our over active, hyper, hairless, houdini, Escape artist, fastest dog in the west, Bailey. I need to get him snipped soon, and then he will even be calmer. He always climbs under the covers at night with one of us, since it is so cold. It is rather cute and reminds me of what Molly use to do. Now If I can just get him to stop dragging my undies around the house. William told me he gets embarassed when his friends come and some of my undergarments are in the living room. Ha ha. I said,"Me to!!" ............So William and his friends are making a Zombie movie now. It is really cute. They are really in to it, that and building his website and business. Technology is so great for the creativity in kids and helping them flourish their dreams. One good thing about it. It is all happening too fast for me.................Jac won his soccer game last night. He scored two goals. yahoo!! Bravo!! He is also going to play for the state team................I start my grad school, psychology classes next week. Looking forward to being excited about learning and living. I am feeling healthy these days for most part-some itching and tingling, and my schiatic is hurting but compared to crying all day, and myself to sleep and the pain felt last month, this is a walk in the park. I will take it. I always describe it as a Holocaust survivor. My mother doesn't like when I say that but that is the word that came to mind............maybe the part of me that is jewish and relates to long lost does sound victimy but nails it, as nicole say's. ................Kaylee has been doing jobs around the house and being very helpful. So we have been saving up for an American girl doll. Well we abandoned that plan when she saw a look alike at target for forty dollars. She wanted it to bad so we got it, and she is so happy. I was so afraid she would not like it and only wanted the real thing, or others would tease her (my issues) but so far so good. It is so cute to watch how she takes care of her.......................I cleaned out my closet more (super mom these days) atleast for me, and I found some gift certificates-one for reflexology, so I am going today. Last time I got reflexology, it aroused me, even though it was a sixty year old asian guy. ha ha. I will probably get an older lady today. Unblock my chi........ha ha. >……..Tonight cooking for some friends, infact I better go marinate my Tilapia………….oh and must not forget, today is my father’s 85th bday. I will write a poem and a nice story about him when we celebrate tomorrow with him. Kaylee and I are making a sugar free cake for him…………I love him so much and want him to enjoy his bday and get tons of love. I can’t wait for William to read his book that he wrote about his pop pop, tomorrow. It is amazing and detailed, and touching……………………I must have said something wrong to the lady at the am/pm….cuz she use to be all smiles and whistles and now she barely acknowledges me. Only thing I can think of is I said,’ you are not your chipper self,” one day and now she is chipper no more……………….Oopsy………..Beautiful day out………….Been going to bed early and sleeping well……………..It feels good. I am also really learning from some of my coda books…… is all about stopping to try and control people, places, and things and let them happen naturally by God!

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  1. Ed Stovin permalink

    Hi, I saw you on Tinder and think you look like a nice person. Just wanted to say hi.

  2. thank you very much.

  3. Adri :) permalink

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so far, cant wait to read more 🙂

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