Happy Martin Luther Day

by Amy Cubbison on January 17th, 2011

I was so surprised when my mother asked Kaylee what today was. Kaylee not only knew but explained all about Martin LUther King and what he did. I was very impressed and once again thought what a great school OPE Is and how much they create smart, creative, amazing little people. I was thinking in my sleep last night that I want to remember all of the things that my children have said and done lately but I only have a few minutes today. I am going to an appointment with my mother…….not looking forward to it.
Just a brief update……Jac had a soccer tournament yesterday and Saturday and they creamed all of the teams. Jac scored goals in each game. I was getting so in to it and screaming, howing and hawing or however you spell that. William was cracking up at me. Then I said to this Lady, I am getting so in to this and she laughed and said,”IT’s the end of the season.’ I sort of laughed at myself and know that this means I will be in to it forever more and Jac will be playing in all types of leagues his entire life. I love when he scores a goal and runs down the field with his hands out for high fives like Rooney……..I missed the past two months from my accident….so I do have an excuse………..I better get ready so I dont get the wrath of my mother….

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