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by Amy Cubbison on January 8th, 2011

How many times have I used that tag line title………What can I say I saw Grease one hundred times……..ha…………Just about to go to the gym so it will be a little entry.
Last night I have been coming out party. Ha. No I had a small intimate affair where a couple friends sold items, and I made my turkey chile for everyone. I cleaned my entire house-well not entire but a heck of a lot of it-and I got it looking clean, and organized. I put flowers in vases, and candles lit all over the place. My house felt great and I was proud. Everyone loved my chile and that always makes me happy :)>
Kaylee had a blast with all of her little girlfriends, and some of her little boyfriends. They were running around chasing the boys and the girls in different rooms. THey had a blast. It brought back memories……….Yesterday, when Kaylee was getting up and ready for school, she had layed her outfit out the prior night-all with headband, jewelry and my perfume. Then Jac was calling Kaylee to come down for school. She called down and said she was brushing, then he called her again and she said “Hold on now I am perfuming,.” Jac said,”YOu are perfuming?? YOu are not going to a ball Kaylee, you are going to school.!” It was pretty cute. She loves to look at herself in the mirror and watch her reactions> It is cute but makes me a little nervous. I asked a few other mom friends with girls the same age and they said they do that as well.
I am really enjoying my car………it is much more “kitted” out then I realized. A great deal. I picked up my kids from school and walked on the full campus for the first time since the accident. I felt nervous and could see some on lookers but It went okay and the friends I did talk to had nothing but nice things to say.
Had a business meeting with a good guy friend who is going to help me with my business. I am looking forward to what he has to offer. Off to the gym

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