Another day and getting better

by Amy Cubbison on March 29th, 2011

Each day I feel more myself. Yesterday I was watching Celebrity Rehab and it is interesting, and scary but informative. I was on pain killers for six weeks following doctors orders but they have been on them for years and years. I can’t even imagine. I felt terrible for five days. I still have pain but never will take another prescription pain pills again…………………..William was in his cranky mood last night-where he doesn’t like anything or anyone. THe information I read really helps me with Wills behavior.I am learning to not react and ask questions. I feel his pain and joy. Tough times teens……………My dear friend STacy did this analyze and personality test on me. She is studying to be a life coach and using this sixteen year old method that is both aesthetic and alchemy, as well as personality features. Well my results were very interesting. She was very proud and happy with my results and once again I was told I am unique like a very small part of the population, in my loving, and acceptance qualities< THis makes me feel good as most of us do when we hear positive things about ourselves. She said I am just coming out of the hardest three years of my life, and I Said Amen. She said it was not for nothing-and I said Amen. She said a and guided me on a lot of things but what most stuck out in my mind, is she said I am a visionary. I have heard this before from a few, bright strangers. I thought they were talking to the person behind me. ha ha. anyways i need to read, learn, invent, create, teach.......all of the things I am doing this year. I Need these things to fill my voids and flourish. She said my time is coming and once again I said Amen because as pathetic as it sounds other than having my three lovely children I don't ever feel like it has been my time, or my time to be loved and flourish............She also explained my new attention and internal feeling I have when I am dealing with or around toxic unhealthy people..........Off to gym..........Amen 🙂

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