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by Amy Cubbison on March 28th, 2011

I probably have titled a lot of columns this because my kids, as all kids say the funniest things……anyways after I wrote this poem for kaylee she came up to me and hugged me, said she loved me, and then said,’I am glad you mentioned God, and you realize how important he is to me, and how often I pray to him. I do this because I am a hopeful person!” Then she said as she was going to bed…… are the best mommy in the world, and said “Why?” and she said,”Because when I put up my make believe shop downstairs, you leave it there!”…………so that was worth a lot of smiles…………..So thursday is the actual D day. I start my grad school class that I have been putting off so much. I do have to get surgery but they say I will only be out a couple days. It is really interesting how this whole online process of grad school works…….I am not driving right now, and so I had to ask the neighbors maid to take me to the grocery store. It was quite hilarious, seeing that she was in a broken down, half working Chevy…..hey it worked and i got there. She must have thought I was nuts asking her. I gotta be creative right now, just for a few weeks. After I came out of the store, I went up to the wrong broken down chevy and I was grasping at the door and then I realized I had wrong person, wrong car……oops………….Just worked and had lunch with my fRiend Bob. I adore my male friends. He ate some of my ongoing, getting better daily, black bean, veggie, chicken soup. That stuff has had mileage and warmed a lot of tummies………….Got out last night, atleast for me these days to A swimsuit party. It was nice to see and meet all these new pretty ladies, and connect. Got a couple amazing buys……….we are going to the desert in a few weeks for spring break so perfect timing. …………………..Watched a movie, with my faking it sick son William today 12. It was nice to spend time with him. We watched 127 hours-very exciting and well done..I cried tears of joy at the end (sorry) but you know the true story) I was just imagining what he was feeling after the fear he had. I embarassed my son which seems to happen quite easily these days, and then I decided I for one will NEVER go rock climbing!!! Big shocker but scary, especially in those suffocating crevices……..and then I embarrased my son again by making him take photos of me in my new bikinis…….ha ha. sorry.

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