Hanging with one of my girls…….

by Amy Cubbison on March 25th, 2011

hanging with Stacy and she is detangling my necklaces…….I am so grateful. It has been a project on my To DO list, that I have been procrastinating over for a year. Some of my very favorite pieces are in that batch-mainly my three diamond necklace that represents my three children that I adore…………I was telling Stacy that I was watching Oprah interview talk show hosts. I found it very interesting and one of the people was Geraldo Rivera, whom I was never very fond of. Now I have acquired respect for him. He was talking about how his partying days are over and he does not long for them anymore. I hear that loud and clear…………….then he talked about how he has a house on the water on a large lot and he has built four homes on it for each of his children so that they always have a place to come home to and call their own. I found that very touching. Just wanted to add that thought, so I remember it……………….Been seeing some more inventions that I have thought of and never done, it makes me crazy. I have three, what I think, very good ideas, I need to pursue. I feel it in my gutt…………Bought my kids a bunch of fancy icecream bars like Haggen Dazs and the battles that have come from them ooh veyyyyyy, and finding the rappers in the drawers and cabinets has not been fun.

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