rainy day

by Amy Cubbison on March 19th, 2011

It is a rainy day…..but we can’t complain, it has been absolutely beautiful lately. In fact I have had spring fever………..Had a shopping party at my home last night. I made a big beet salad, chicken verde, and black beans with Queso Fresco. It was a big successs. I spent the entire day making my home clean, organized and nice. I am really liking my home and how I am fixing it up and decorating it. I bought lights to hang outside which to me always resembles summer coming and summer parties………….OMG. I can’t say anything right to my adolescent. I am scared to open my mouth. He will tell me something about a girl and if I mention without his permission, watch out!! Yesterday he told me he and this girl broke up. I didn’t even know he was going out with anyone. He usually tells me everything. He is super cranky lately. I think that is because he stays up so late at night> I asked him if he did anything with that girl-did anything in meaning go anywhere. HE was shocked due to thinking I meant something else. Anyways he said no Mom, in sixth grade when you go out, you never see them or do anything. I thought that was cute and I remember that…..Brian Huntoon, was mine in sixth grade. Maybe I will facebook him or google…….I remember we sat next to one another in class and he use to be so mean to me, and bug me and soon that bugging became something I liked, longed for and missed. Anyways cute stuff……………Got Kaylee a dress for her party last night> She always sets up a table and entertains like I do for her friends. She got a dress that had a matching American Girl dress. It was really cute. She is being a bit whiny lately too. INfact this morning you can call my home the Whine Spa…………That is why I am going to yoga and then to get a much needed massage………

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