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by Amy Cubbison on March 11th, 2011

I am excited because tonight I am having dinner with a good friend at this cool, little, swanky wine bar that has the most amazing food!!! SO I get to get dressed up which I love!!!! I also had my hair trimmed today-a much needed trim………I was a bit nervous because I went to a new salon for convenience and the woman was much older, slow and not hip. I asked for someone hip when I called but I guess if I can get an appointment ten minutes later, than that possibility is slim to none. I glared at the receptionist when she walked by after I met the woman. It sounds so bad but these are things we look at when someone is taking our looks in to their hands. ANyways, I almost had a keniption when she told me her last job was at Fantastic Sam’s. I just decided to go with it and go for it and to my surprise she did a nice job. She was as slow as a turtle and didn’t say a peep but she did a good job. THe true test will be when I do my own hair…..SO that was my extensive story today. I also had lunch at my favorite kabob place with another longtime friend who needed an ear. We always have a nice time together and I was happy to hand her down some of my old clothes and shoes and make her so happy. I love to give, it feels great-especially when someone appreciates it so…….Yesterday my friend Derek had to drop some items off and we went for coffee. The timing was that, as my car was getting fixed, my kids were getting out of school. I am sure that was the biggest run on disaster of a sentence but I am not changing it!! Anyways, so he picked up my kids with me in his tiny BMW seater. My kids were surprised and a bit hesitant but it served it’s purpose. THen my friend Billy whom I buy my cars from, and who was fixing my car, brought my car back. Kaylee walked up to him and said,”Hello another random dude.” Ha ha. That was my pinacle and point to the long drawn out story. I found it really funny, and I am sure it is really Disney!!!………..THis week was half days and I had great meetings with my kids teachers. All of their reports were improvements. I was a proud Mama. William’s entailed us picking his classes for middle school. That is kind of weird, Never thought I would have an almost teenager. Which by the way he is acting so much like a teenager that it is frightening. I need him to talk with me with more respect but then again he has not had good role models. We are all working on it though and aware of it. In fact this week I was probably the most strict, I have been with my kids. They are so surprised when I slightly yell because I am not a yeller. It all goes along well with the new improved me in all areas. I am getting my home organized, my life organized, loving myself, demanding respect etc etc. and once again it feels good. It is amazing when one get’s on the right track everything seems to fall in to place……………….I had my second epidural, and my pain is subsiding so it is heading in the right direction. I am happy to say………So today on this beautiful spring day, I am thankful for a lot……So thank you God and all those in my life, who make it special.

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