by Amy Cubbison on June 27th, 2011

Had a fun party…….Except for the neighbors calling the cops and shutting down my music…..:( I danced my booty off for an hour. My legs are aching> My brother said he can’t believe I could dance like that after having back surgery a month ago………Our dog is a maniac to begin with and yesterday he was super hyper and maniac……Turns out he drank Lou’s coffee …..OMG……..Kaylee and I visited my mom and dad yesterday…..Kaylee played scrabble with my mother. It was so cute. I was upset after seeing my father. He has not fully recovered from being in the hospital. He walks slow and looks very lethargic. I rubbed his feet and he did not even seem to enjoy it as much……..My heart was weeping inside so bad. It is so hard to see my father have so little joy…..he does smile when I tell him things about my children………….It makes me just want to love, love on my children and embrace everyday with them and forget about any selfish thoughts or needs I may have………I had dinner with my brother last night and balled my eyes out…..cried like I have not cried in ages……..Cried mainly for my father but for other things as well………I keep hearing sad stories lately and the world has a lot of tragedy and crisis………I need to strengthen my faith and get back to church…….Finally a funny Amy note….Well I did not drink sleepytime and go to sleep while people were here the other night-so that is progress. I did however show my abandonment issues when those closest to me were leaving. I hate when parties are over and people leave-especially when it is earlier than I want. I was showing concern to my friend Dyane and she said that some of my closest friends sneak out and don’t say good bye to me because they are afraid I will get upset and try and talk them in to staying…….ha ha. I have had this problem before I guess……….Put on my list to work on…..

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  1. Amy, so sorry to hear about your Dad. 🙁 I never met him, but my brother Paul always loved and admired him. He talked of him often. Did you ever meet my brother Paul? He was married to Lisa years ago and this is where Katie came from. I loved Lisa and feel sad we did not keep up with each other. I left Ocean City, NJ in 1964 and moved to South Florida. Six years ago, I moved to Central Florida (Daytona Beach). Amy, did you grow up in the San Diego area? I thought the Lasensky family was all from the Philadelphia area. Well, God bless you Amy and your family. I loved your photos on FB and appreciate being your friend. If you have any contact with Lisa, please send her my love. Your friend, Bobby 🙂

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