lot’s to say

by Amy Cubbison on June 7th, 2011

Lot’s to say and piling up daily since I have been negligent at blogging………….Had a great show for the Mtv awards giveaway. A lot of exciting prospects and things going to happen. IN fact Ant the comic is going to wear one of my shirts on the Tonight show. It was a great show………….Charlene and I need to get down and dirty and proceed with all of our future options. Neither one of us wants to work for someone else when we have this lil gold mine…….I also came up with another amazing invention idea. I love it, and this time I am going to do it so nobody steals it………………or does it first……….I have a very busy month this month-filled with all good things. Friday night my friend DYane is buying a stretch Hummer limo for her husband Chris’s bday. We are all going downtown. Then Saturday night Michelle and I are going to Bruno Mars at the fair. I love him.. Each week i have a few fun things. That is what the difference is with my new going out and the old. I have to have a areason, a purpose and a special event. I don’t want to go out just to hang out………….The other day I got a massage at Massage Envy. I Love that place 39 for a massage. My doctor suggested that to help me heal more. BTw i do not have daily pain anymore and It is making me relish in life!!!! Life is all relative. I am writing an article about the last six months of my life, and recovering from a tragic accident and all of the ramifications of it….anyways I was getting a massage and she asked me if she could do Reike healing? I Said sure, not exactly knowing what it was. Well she rubbed her hands together and would hold them just above my incision and I felt this amazing heat and tingling all down my leg and on my back where all of the pain was. Then she went to my heart and I felt the desire to cry (which I did not) but it was as if she was healing my heart. I kept picturing a poster I had as a child, on my wall-it was of a yorkie saying<"I am wanting to be loved." That is how I feel often...........I had some sad feeling resurface which made me tense. Just when you think someone can't hurt you anymore, sometimes they can..........It is terrible when you trust someone and then you find out they are not whom they said they were or whom you thought they were. It is like an imposter and it makes me physically ill.......guess I have to listen to my radar and continue to sharpen my skills and senses. ........William told me all of his friends think our dog is not cared for.. I am like when we bath him he still looks scruffy and maybe it is because he is five mixed breeds.......I always joke that is what I get for buying him at a fifth grade sweetheart dance. The guy was standing outside probably hoping to give him away and there comes me offering to buy him, right then an there. He told me he was a thoroughbred......ha........but we love our scruffy mutt!

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