by Amy Cubbison on June 9th, 2011

I was just thinking about the future and sort of worrying and then something resurfaced…..Worrying is not about being in the now, and does not help anyways………I have been listening to Eckert Tole’s “A new earth,’ Cds. My friend lent them to me and a month later I am getting on them. Very interesting concepts and definitely takes me out of the ego, at least for a while. It is good for me. I am doing well but lately have had some anxious energy of the sort. I found something out a couple weeks ago that upset me and caused some anxiety. I only have two weeks until my kids are out of school so any free time I have should be appreciated and not wasted but sometimes to much free time makes me anxious. Yesterday I meditated and it felt great and I saw how my body calmed down. I use to be so good about that. Also listening to the tapes and informing and bettering myself felt great. I need to get use to not having people around all of the time and relishing in the quiet or alone time. I have been there and I can get there again……….Yesterday Kaylee brought Bailey, our dog in for show and tell. She was so excited. She loves that dog so much. She was so proud. She told the class that Bailey was taken away by the exterminator…..ha ha. She meant the Animal control.. The children enjoyed meeting our mutt of many descents yesterday. Our little scraggly Houdini……..William is funny. He cleared out all items in his room because they resemble toys. I sort of remember that but I think I was much older. He is on Jac about toys. I keep saying Jac is only nine let him have toys…….Jac is a love. He is going to be team captain of his soccer team. Our friend Sally often takes Jac to practice and yesterday when she came Kaylee said,”Jac your soccer Mom is here.” ………….Went to a legal firms fifth anniversary yesterday. I wore my old jackie O dress and boots. I got a lot of Nancy Sanatra comments. It was interesting to watch people network while I ate and ate. The food was good. I knew a few there but not so many. I invited My brother and Dyane’s husband Chris……………..Neil bought the kids popsicle makers-the old fashion kind where you pour juice in them and they freeze. I have bought so many and we always lose the pieces. Anyways it is so cute to see how excited they all get about making and eating the popsicles. I love to listen to Kaylee and Jac interact with one another…………William’s phone rings off the hook. He is quite the ladies man. Who da thought? He is snappy with me but when I have a talk with him, he changes back in to his caring, sensitive self. The boys painted for my mother last weekend (wills and his cousin joey). They loved being by the beach in la jolla and staying there> William said my father was in the best mood and singing and saying full sentences. I told him how important it is for Pop Pop to see the kids. My mother said William did an excellent job painting. He is a perfectionist like his Daddy………My Daddy came over for lunch yesterday and I made him homemade chicken noodle soup. He loved it. It was great to see him………I am so tired and lazy today but it feels really good. I am still in bed, skipped the gym and am working and reading, and listening to my cd. I prefer tired to anxious any day…………..Btw i have been lightly working out again and it feels great. I am so happy to no longer be in pain!!!! Now just sharpen my faith muscles too…….Still can’t do much booty exercise but doing stairs which will help so ….I guess my booty is going to have to be a little less round this summer………..I still have one though……My kids are all so in to exercise. Last night Kaylee and Jac had a push up competition. It was so cute. They are both so strong and good. I was very impressed, they were doing one arm push ups. I told them their Pop Pop would be proud…….I was writing about it on Facebook. For those of you who dont’ know my father, prior to his strokes was the push up king. All my life he was in his jeans, no shirt and doing push ups on our driveway. He would count Abby, Davey, Jakey, Sam, we are the boys who don’t eat ham. He always did it down the shore and he could do two hundred of them. A bunch of my childhood friends posted on facebook that they remembered him and the exercise wheel he use to use and challenge all of the hot lifeguards to it for one hundred dollar bill…. My friends and I loved when they came in to try it. I have such nice down the shore Ocean City, New jersey memories……….. Ver, .Nice memories……….

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