by Amy Cubbison on January 26th, 2013

Or however you spell that thing that you do out of your nose, when you have allergies or are sick…:)
I am doing a lot of that. Geeze, this flu is so humbling. I don’t really think I need anymore humbling God? Do I? Hope not……Anyways me who always tries to see the upside of things…..I have cleaned up my room a bit, I have caught up on reading, and a lot of tivo’d shows, current events, as well as watched You Tube for inspirational videos, and finally googled till I could not google anymore, things to help inspire me and help the pain pass. THat should be a word in dictionary-googledone .??? Hmm. What was that book they use to make with all of the made up words in a book? OH and one more thing watching all the Top 40 videos….and they are making me feel a bit old, as well as wanting to look svelte to get out there. 🙂 Actually I have lost quite a bit of weight. Another pro from being down and out….I will be fit as a fiddle by spring…..Some nice people have come in to my life and for that I am grateful……I feel bad that I can’t visit my father. He is maintaining. It is crazy how many times we have seen him knockin on death’s door then rebound. He has soooo much spirit. He is my iron horse. That was our name for him when we were in indian Princesses. Mine was little snow flake. Those are great memories. …..I had to cancel two important appointments about LMB but next week. HOpefully tomorrow I can be up and out a bit. I remember when I was little and sick, I always was so appreciative of my health when I had it back…..Lou and Neil have brought me soup, vitamins and meds….and many others offered. That is really nice. I try to make and bring my friends soup when they are sick and now I know how appreciated that would be . Marsha is suppose to do it later….Having the time to think is not always a great thing but often a healing thing….I am trying to think of every experience as a necessary, positive one. Even if I made bad decisions. As they say when you get through the pain and on the other side you will see the silver lining. I can’t wait…….Right now, all my kids are safe and healthy and my dad is stable….I have a home that is cozy, and warm to stay in while I recover…..so for that I consider myself lucky. Plus i get to catch up on all of the fashions that are in style, and look forward to wearing them. I may even pull out a paintbrush later or tomorrow…….
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