Back to work

by Amy Cubbison on March 19th, 2013

I had a nice weekend, and now I am back to work. The work day is shortened due to my kids having half days. It is fine with me, although I am really in to it these days. Right now I am at Which Which with Jac and Kaylee, as they are starving!! …They like the chef salad which makes me happy. Anytime I get veggies and salad down them. 🙂 My car is getting fixed, from that elderly man who hit me. Remember I was so proud to ask him for his insurance for the first time and not be on the other side. Anyways I am driving a bright red, jetta. It is so ugly. My kids are so humiliated by it. Anyways I miss my MKZ bad…..This weekend was a bit unusual in the sense that we were in a video that our friend Dyane’s husband Chris was filming. It is a fun, crazy adventure that may hit it big….sending tampons direct to woman in the mail. Anyways they needed a Mom and two kids to react to the woman in front. I was the Mom, who may or not be shown. The kids had fun and it was a new venture, none the less………..It looks like they are going to do a local Housewives show. I may know a few of the participants. I have done enough reality show for my life….It is a tough experience……but an experience none the less………Yesterday the kids and I went over to Toni and John’s home to barbaque. Toni and I go way back as our first borns went to Montessori together. Toni and John just decorated their lovely home and added a pool. It was a very nice afternoon and so good to see them. ….I was thinking to myself yesterday that when I do not have the extreme money, or health worries, I have a nice life. Neil is moving in to a room instead of his apartment which means I will have the children more and he will contribute more. I am enjoying being around all of my children more. …Saturday night William had some girls and guys over. Everyone left at elleven and they had fun……..I am off to the grocery store to stock up for my ever eating ever growing teenager. Then the kids and I are going to paint. I need to finish some paintings so I can get paid…….WE visited my father yesterday and had lunch with him. He looks good…..William told me he misses Pop Pop and wants to visit him soon but just not on the weekends, . ha . Typical teenager……Kaylee told me yesterday that she loves memories but sometimes they bring her pain. For example she loves seeing Pop Pop but when he dies she will only have the memories left and that will make her sad…….I told her that, that is why memories are so important and are wonderful. People who are gone are always in your minds and hearts……The kids and I have also been riding bikes lately as spring is in the air…That has been fun…All good on this side. ..

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