Long day

by Amy Cubbison on April 25th, 2013

It was a long day but a good one. It was full of all of the good things and the stressful things that are life with kids, but things one can laugh at later, once the chaos subsides….At least it is my tfit….Tomorrow I need to go to clear a fix it ticket although I am thinking about doing my favorite thing procrastinating or postponing it until Monday. I want to do a hot yoga, as well as finish my painting and my room. My kids have a half day. I am suppose to go to a friends bday event tomorrow night at Burlap but I am in sort of a mellow, loner (for me) mood. I just want to hang out with my kids and one friend…..I woke up and went to the gym, after I checked in with a few amigos. I did a yoga class and it was very nice as it was super slow, and felt good for my aching back….and hips. I have been taking a lot of epson salt baths, which help. I need a deep massage. After school I usually pick up Kaylee and Jac, and then William and a few friends. They all squish in to the car and start arguing over who is getting dropped off first and where I am taking them to get either a snack, a meal, or ice cream. By the time everyone is fed and dropped off, it is abour an hour or hour and a half later. I know I am complaining and there are parents that have it much worse but I am just trying to explain to someone who does not think that being a parent is tough,and trying at times. I felt rushed because I made to many plans (moi) and we were meeting friends at the park and then going to dinner to my father’s nursing home for dinner. Marcellite, the baby Phillip, and Mathew (3) met us there for dinner. Let me just tell you- The baby was crying non stop, Mathew had a sugar rush, and Kaylee and Jac were complaining and whining about the food. Instead of being a treat for the elderly, I think they could not wait for us to leave. ..ha ha. At least I got to hold hands with my father and feed him……More to say but just got in bed and want to escape via tv or a novel…..Night.

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