Post Traumatic Mother’s Day.ha ha

by Amy Cubbison on May 13th, 2013

Not so much of a mother’s day but…..Everyone who is lucky enough to still have a mom , the day is usually about them. Not to mention I had two cranky sleep deprived kids. (ugh late, late sleepover)…then my moody you know what. Neil left for a big job and so the day was pretty much spent me trying to make everybody happy and it not working for one of them….So I guess some of my other fun, free days that I have had in the past can cover for that. I know I do have a good life………Yesterday Kaylee said she was so tired that she did not like her thoughts and they were angry thoughts. She always expresses herself so well…….Today is Kaylee’s real birthday or should I say third day of celebrating. WE went to lunch, and ice creme. Now I am cleaning the house again for family tonight. She wants pork, mash potatoes and broccoli in cheese sauce……Trying to draw out the last of her presents because I remember that ill feeling well. ha ha. Still do it………..It is a beautiful summer like day. Jac is sad as he misses his Daddy. I am sure that both parents feel this sadness when their children or one of them prefers or misses the other parent. Then I start to beat myself up for what I did wrong. I am trying to just learn from mistakes and convince myself that, this is all natural. At least that is what my friend’s who are divorced parents say. I also feel as if I have a forth child Chloe!!! My dear little over attached pup…..Anyways things are all good . Had a great day at Peter’s company. I really am getting in to it. Have to do some painting tonight as well as ship some shirts and then Voila…Bed. The nice thing is when Jac is here he and Kaylee sleep in the bunk beds-so i get to watch my shows ie: Madman!! My mom say’s the show is so sexist. I sort of like that about it. I like chivalry and when a man has a place and a woman does too-as long as they treat their woman right. …..We did have a nice day at my brothers la jolla condo’s pool……It was very nice to have William with us. We had steaks and chicken on the grill, and all sorts of yummy things…………Wednesday is family night at my father’s home. Thursday friends are coming for dinner with their kids so it will be nice to have a mellow tuesday as well as weekend……..I will be soccer Mom, skating mom, gymnastic Mom this week… well as all of the other duties a part time working mother does…..When one parent is out of town it shows the other parent how much easier it is to share in the duties……. Better get cooking..

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