by Amy Cubbison on May 18th, 2013

Sleeping Solo,

I know it sound silly but I am not use to being home without kids all by myself, and nobody else. I was a bit nervous about it but found it surprisingly peaceful. I was married for son long and then children, and friends constantly surround me. My roommate is moving out and out of town. Yay……It was a humbling experience for me but a good learning one……..Yesterday was a very nice day. I had a doctors appointment but was also a day where I could sneak away and lay in bed reading and watching a movie. I watched,” Guilt Trip,” with Barbara Streisand. I loved it. It was so touching and funny and real. After school I pick up the kids and then we went to Marina’s school fair. I was sort of dreading it but it was a lot of fun. It brought back memories of my childhood. I was hanging out with Jac as Kaylee had all her little friends. Jac played games, ate, ate, and had a blast. The girls were so cute. They got their hair spray painted, and then were dancing on the stage. I could of sat there all day watching the girls dance. They were so happy and so cute. I love how good Kaylee feels about herself. After the fair we went back to Helens house and had adult beverages with pizza and sald..and adult conversation. Met a really nice new family who I am trying to have become our neighbors….Jac and Kaylee had sleepovers thus……..I am solo…..I keep having this message play in my head over and over “this is the prime of my life, this is the time, this is where I will really develop my confidence and self reliance.!! I need to not always be lost in my sentimental memories but make new, wonderful ones…….I am ready for all of the good life had to offer… I hope you are as well……We deserve it!
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