by Amy Cubbison on June 14th, 2013

William’s 8th grade promotion
Did I even have a promotion from middle school? I don[t think so but to stay a half glass full person, it is nice they celebrate every milestone. Actually they did a great job, as they kept it meaningful and brief. I was choked up a few times. William looked so handsome and cute, hanging out with his little posse……I love what one cute principal said (out of two cute ones) . He said choose your friends wisely…..and make sure you trust them with your every fiber. He went on to say he had few friends but they are all still close. I have a lot of amazing friends but definitely went through my share of users and not trustworthy friends…..I had a nice lunch with kids and mel and son, at bestawan. It is a beautiful sunny day, and I am ready for change and the summer…….I had a tearful day yesterday for many reasons but the support of my friends and the tiresome situation I have been in, give me a free feeling today . I am sure I will have bad days but bottom line is that everything is possible in life. I am rocking and rollin at Peter’s company although they scold me for some of my secretarial skills (details) that I have never been good at…….Bottom line bringing in the biz and it feels good…….Tonight going to the plaza for Natasha’s graduation dinner then out for a bit……I did Miles Lane’s Facebook so we are trading some rides for tides. (ha) and so I will be safe along with some of my favorite people……Saturday is going to be a productive day as i am traveling back east and need to finish some things at my house and two paintings. Then tomorrow eve my favorite thing, me cook for good friends and their kids, along with mine. Sunday I am going to visit my father in the morning and then Neil and I and the kids are going to the fair…..Yesterday I looked at photos from my mother’s house. I was choked up to see the ones where my babies were more babies. I relished in the happy feeling. I also was choked up to see photos of me as a baby and child. I look so much like Kaylee. My mother and father were soooooo good looking. It made me miss my father but love him more if possible…….I loved my mother’s fashion. No wonder I love Madman…….It just reminded me to enjoy the moment and live in the moment and do not waste any time not being in a situation I dont want or a situation I am not happy in…………..I was proud of my son William today and all of the strides he is making….Life will work out how it is meant to work out and I can only control what I can control………..Have a fabulous weekend!! I will..

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