Diary of a housewife

by Amy Cubbison on June 6th, 2013

So many dreams last night. I always say this but I dream about everything and anything that is on my mind, subconsciously or not. Everything that I notice or have a thought about during the day appears in my dreams. Last night the dreams were not very good. I was feeling lost, overwhelmed, and tired. I also had several upsetting things happen in my dream. In fact I woke up and was happy they were not real life events. One part of the dream was about being in front of the ocean and big huge waves start coming towards me and a friend. I felt trapped and very scared that there was going to be a tittle wave. I wanted to find a safe place to hide and protect, and I kept on worrying about my children. Then I had some naughty dreams in there. ……..I went to bed at eight last night and woke up at eight. Neil has the kids. I went to a social/networking happy hour with the guys from work. It was fun but very crowded. It is fun being one of the only few girls there. I mingled and did well but then got tired…I had my cute dress, boots and energetic personality on for a couple of hours. It was fun….It was nice to be down town for a change……….I have a lot of things to look forward to in the next fews months. It is filled with graduations, celebrations, family time, vacations, and work ……It feels good to be busy and helps me take the focus off of myself. I have a lot of things to do for the kids and a lot of things to take care of at our home. …….Yesterday I had a small but obvious epiphany. I was noticing while in a business meeting I wanted to chime in on many stories about me. I realized as my mother said, I was to really stop telling so many stories that start with I . I need to hold more in and just listen to others more. I mean I do love to hear a good store and to tell a good story but there is a time and a place for everyone’s turn…….I had a good day at work yesterday. …..One good thing happened that was ironic. Peter gave me some business cards to follow up with. They are from a very large company, that we have been trying to get it. I looked at one of the cards and noticed that the last name was Glatthorn. That is my mother’s maiden name. Ha ha . It turns out we are second cousins..It was really ironic and now our cousin is going to try and get us in with the company…….On the way to the happy hour Dawa was talking about Taoism. It was very interesting to hear. There so many things I want to see and learn. Right now I just have to put most of my time to things that bring in money….some day. ……..I need to get to the gym now. I have been eating healthier, being more moderate, and going to bed early and so that I am feeling calm and rested
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