Good Day…

by Amy Cubbison on June 8th, 2013

Last night we were at Kaylee’s friend Hanna, and my friend Helen’s birthday party. Kaylee saw the huge pile of gifts on the table and even before she said it, I knew what she was going to say. She said,” I did not get many presents at my birthday party.” I explained to her that she only invited a quarter of as many friends as Hanna did. Then this little girl chimed in and said,’I only got one lousy present on mine and Sea World. Then another little girl said she only got five presents. It was so funny, so cute, and so true. At their age it still is really mainly about the presents whether people want to admit it or not. I mean I still like to get presents but now that is not what is most important, it is the friendships…….. The other day i parked my car in a semi legal place to run in the am/pm…and then i had a trigger, remind me that one time my friend Cami, said,”Look at that person parking wherever they want as if they are entitled.” So I put more thought, time and energy to that and moved my car. I am glad that some people in my life have shown me and reflected on me, that some of my actions can act entitled. I mean we all make dumb or lazy decisions sometimes but I do not want anyone to think I think I am any more superior than them because of my unconsciousness….because I certainly do not. I believe we are all created equal. That Buddha story I read the other day has really stuck with me…..Everyone has a jewel deep down inside but some of them are covered in more mud than others. We just have to find it, discover it and believe in it. (ourselves).
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