by Amy Cubbison on June 15th, 2013

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What a great day. It was filled with emotion as we watched William promote to high school….Lately we have been looking at a lot of old photos…Of me as a child, as well as our children and my siblings….I showed William a pic of My mother and father when they were young and he said,”Our family is hot.” ha ha….I have a feeling I wrote about this already….if I did with my forgetful memory forgive me…..This morning it is so nice as Kaylee and I are laying in bed, watching “up”> She is cuddling me as she did not sleep with me last night. Glad to see Chloe as well…..Last night my mother took us out to Il Fornaio for Natasha’s graduation dinner. It was nice, and comical as the family dynamics were up and going. I was in a giggly mood. I just kept on laughing…..Then met some friends and went and played pool at the Office. I always feared that place as I thought it was a dive but early on, it was really fun. We played pool, music and games. Everyone was very friendly. After that my friend got a car for us and we went to la Auberge and Danced at Jimmy O’s. I even stayed up until twelve. I did not drink much but Diet Red Bull but had a blast. It felt so good to shake my booty…..Today I am going to work out then go to the pool with friends and kids, then cook dinner for everyone…….My summer is getting more exciting everyday…Got invited to shows, parties, and concerts……I looked at how skinny in was in old photos. I was too skinny in some, and then in others I looked so damn good…….I am seven years older but that is a good thing to motivate me to step it up a bit…..
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