by Amy Cubbison on June 3rd, 2013

I got kicked out of Peter’s office today. I came in my usual work attire (tank top and leggings from gym) No make up and ponytail with Chloe my pup. Peter did not seem that it was appropriate for their presentation. So…I got to go home and work. It has been great. Throwing in a load of laundry, lil jobs here and there and working……..Today Jac went on a afterschool award field trip. They are going bowling and to dinner. He was very excited. He is soooo cute…..We had a nice family weekend. ……..My new partner in crime Robyn, is such an added joy to my life and my childrens. She cracks me up. We have so much in common and we laugh all of the time. The other night we took turns playing sad love songs, and of course I had to have a good cry. I soften Robyn and she strengthens me. We also have diagnosed ourselves with diseases and thought we had them, without even when we never took the test that determines them. ha ha…….Beautiful day today. Kaylee has gymnastics. I am so happy she is back in. The other day my sweet angel commented on her legs and said they were chubby in two places. It broke my heart. I think she has the cutest little body. I told her that her legs were not chubby and she was perfect the way she was. Then she drew a picture of her best friend Marina and herself. Marina is a lot taller and thinner than Kaylee. You could see how Kaylee painted Marina to be tall, thin and beautiful. She made herself chubbier and a lot shorter and not as glamorous……. ……..Chloe my pup is such a joy. She is finally trained. She is soaking in the sun rays outside. She is so protective over me. She makes me feel so loved………..Went to the home where my Dad stays. I met up with my on again off again friend Ella. She was sitting with a few of her friends. They were so cute. I encouraged them to visit my Dad and entertain him. I told them, my father can’t talk but he likes to listen. Although his hearing is getting sort of bad. I introduced them to my father, and he smiled. Then one of the ladies son was mentally challenged. he kept on trying to pet Chloe, who was in my arms, and cop a feel of my breast while doing so. His mother kept on saying “No Chuck, don’t do that.” Ha ha. It was sort of funny……but you know me I can find laughter in life’s happenings and joy where many can’t. ……I have to pick up the children but I will be blogging again soon. xo
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