by Amy Cubbison on June 22nd, 2013

Sitting on my sister’s couch drinking coffee, listening to Frank. This vacation has been mellow but wonderful. We did not even go out the piano bar last night. We had an early dinner at a french bistro, that was beyond fabulous. I felt like I was back in Parie……We came back to rest and then the thought of taking a hot bath, hanging out and watching movies sounded more appealing. I feel rested and healthy. I also want to feel good for David’s party today….My sister and I have been doing this meditation cd. It feels really good. I am noticing the power of meditation more and more. I notice it physically and mentally on myself and others. Jordan has changed his entire persona from meditating twice a day for twenty minutes. He does transidental…(spelling ?).. I need spell check on my blog… Being with my brother in law and sister is nice but they are always trying to teach me lessons and give me advice. I know it comes from a great place, and often is good advice. I feel like I am saying I know a lot or trying to explain to them I have made major changes in my life. Family relationships are complicated but wonderful. I am just the youngest in always will be. I need to see that everyone is trying to help me because they love me and not that they do not think I am capable……Barry was telling me how important it is to be neat and clean up everything right away, I was telling him that I have gotten much better and am on a cleaning schedule ie:do a load of laundry daily, and vacume every other day. I also am hanging my clothes when I take them off……With three kids and their friends, I feel like I clean the kitchen three times a day. I need to get them to help more. But…I do believe it is a balance. We have our routines and it is a gift to be able to let go and let the dishes go for one night, so I can cuddle with my children and watch a movie. To me some people spend so much time cleaning and organizing that they miss out on life and being in the moment. I wonder If Buddha ever left dishes in the sink?? : …………..There is some big family stuff happening that is upsetting to a lot of us. I do not want to cause harm to anyone or the situation more than there already is…..My father is back on strong medicine due to his shouting out, and he sleeps most of the time..:( . My father is always on my mind…….I am going to spend the day with him when I return. I am starting to work from my computer anywhere I go and I like it…….I have even worked on my vacation some………I am missing a friend a lot but trying to think of the bigger picture whatever that picture is…..but as I said this time is a great reminder that this life is a gift and full of options and opportunity…..I am so excited to see all of the people from my past today as well as family that I have not seen in a long while………A summer day long party…..How wonderful.
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