by Amy Cubbison on June 21st, 2013

Put to work.
Ha ha. Just kidding. My sister and nephew have asked me to cook a lil bit for them. At first I was like no and then I was it is the least I can do, and I went to do my thing in the kitchen. It was really fun to whip up some creativity in the kitchen and see my family enjoy it. It is a lil different than cooking for my Uber picky kids…..Speaking of them- I miss them but am relishing in this awesome get away. So many memories resurface when I am back here. After all I lived the first fifteen years of my life here. It is the perfect time as it is not to hot yet. There is a beautiful breeze, that smells of the flowers blooming. I adore where my sister lives as we are in the heart of the city and walking distance to everything. Yesterday Lisa and I had lunch with my childhood friend Leigh. We sat outside, had delicious food, crisp chardonnay and laughed about our memories. Leigh was always one of my favorite people. In fact Dyane reminds me of Leigh and how much we laugh. After lunch we went to get pedicures and I had a massage……It was heavenly. Then came home relaxed……..Last night my lovely niece Katie, and Jordan took me out to this great Italian bar/restaurant where I saw my other sweet nephew Andrew Marks………The nice thing about the time change is that I can stay up later here. . ………I have had a lot of time to get some clarity on some things issues and that feels good. I feel stronger….Today we are going to go see a matinee and have lunch. Tonight going to the gay piano bar where everyone sings show tunes…….Last time I went, I never had so much fun…..I was dancing and singing and bonding with all of the people there that crave and want love and acceptance……….I am so looking forward to David’s party. I tis going to be huge, a pig roast, a band, on his beautiful, multi acre home…………Again I can’t wait to see the lightening bugs………..Every time I get away I realize how important getting away is for everyone……I was feeling stressed about some things and now I realize that there is so much more to life- so much out there-all kinds of people and places to see- there are tons of options, and life is a beautiful thing……
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