Listening to the Sounds Around

by Amy Cubbison on July 12th, 2013

I have been doing this exercise where i just focus on all of the sounds and everything that is happening in the moment. It is very powerful. It teaches me to be in the moment. I sometimes try to drift with my daydreams but I bring myself back. It is really nice. I hear sounds that remind me of things from childhood ie: moving the lawn. I also notice slight tingles and breezes that run across my body. I am trying to stop and do that at least once a day as well as my normal meditation and visualization.. The bad thing about feeling loss is it hurts, the good thing is that really low self esteem is not permanent………I feel very in the moment with my kids these days. I am noticing everything about them and everything they say. I love the way they call me Mommy or Mama all day. Yesterday I had to do some work so I told them we were having a mellow day at home. At first they were complaining but I told them to use their creativity to find something to do. Then I went in to when i was a kid (ha) my mother use to send me outside all day, with friends, I would come back for dinner, and go out again. We had to create a fun day. I do have memories of building forts, hanging at this one area, and eating candy we got from the ice cream man. Playing in the creek and catching lizards, roller skating, biking, and tennis. They are good memories. Anyways while I was working on my computer, I was listening to what Kaylee and Jac were doing. They went from being bored, to giggling, to playing games, and then Kaylee was reading to Jac…It was priceless…..I have Dyanes old phone and my contacts and her contacts merged…..well let me tell you I have been sending the wrong texts and messages to everyone. The mix up is quite comical. I have made plans with so many people and then not shown up or shown up at wrong pool..ha ha……Leaving Sunday so missing all of the opening day hoopla…….It is fine sometimes I feel like going and sometimes I do not. This year I do not….As I told you Chloe, our dog, is in heat. Well whenever we take her to friends houses, where there is a dog trouble brews. Of course the dogs are fixed but the animalistic behavior is hilarious…The dogs howl and moan as they are in pain.. Chloe is quite the popular lil pup these days…..ha ha..Off to the gym, and then the Wave water park with the kids. Mathews(nephew) birthday party was nice yesterday and I got to see Phillip, my God son. So cute…..Then Charlene and I enjoyed the Riviera party……..Elegant night.
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