Monday Clues

by Amy Cubbison on September 11th, 2013

Monday Clues.
I just wrote that as a long time ago I use to get the Monday blues, but now I do not mind Mondays. In fact I like them because I like having the break from the kids, knowing they are safe and learning, and I can take time to work for my brother, and work for our future………..Last night I had friends over to celebrate Tracy Saraceno’s birthday. We have known one another since we were twenty from La jolla. It was a small intimate crowd. It was very nice. We played a fun game like Charades….I cooked one of my favorites-pork tenderloin in a green chile, lemon, caper verde sauce. I was lighting the torches, and I spilled some lighter fluid on myself. I then changed my outfit and washed myself over and over again but I was still afraid to go near any candles….I have heard horror stories about that and it was scary. …..I had a great, sweaty workout this morning followed by a productive day at NoteVault. Whoever said working is good for the soul, was right. It takes so much energy and attention off of one’s minor problems and gives a feeling of accomplishment. I am juggling a few things right now but all exciting ventures….. I feel like I have all of Maslows triangles (psych major) to be happy and have a happy life. …..Saturday I was cleaning the kitchen when I saw all of these empty dressing and vinegar bottles in there. My optimistic mind went to Kaylee cleaning out my refrigerator on her own. Well before I had the chance to speak to Kaylee she told me that they did a big experiment with vinegar dressing and Baking soda to see how big of an explosion that they could have….Oh well at least that is practicing their creativity…….I have met some people lately that tell me that they had heard things about me and now that they have met me or know me they do not believe what they have heard. Although that makes me feel good, it makes me sad that people pass on judgement before they know the person…….That is one thing I really try not to do……So my friends and kids are teasing me as when I ask a question, I make a funny face. This expression comes from being afraid of the answer. I do not like no’s and I love yeses. Now that I know it I realize I make that face much more often ie: when I am calling a big wig, or at Jac’s soccer game and afraid that they won’t make the goal….Humbling…..Ha ha. It is quite funny…

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