by Amy Cubbison on November 25th, 2013

Trying to figure out direct tv………I kept asking others to help me as I am overwhelmed.. Then I decided I need to try things for myself before I immediately start asking for help….So it is going okay. Need to enjoy the free channels until they are paid…It is nice to stock up on movies and shows I have heard about but never watched….I am watching “We are the Millers.” ……I thought it was suppose to be good…To me it is stupid…anyways we are home on a rainy day. Tonight it Marina’s bday party..Dyane has gone all out.The kids have a dj, and are getting their makeup done and hair….Kaylee is soooooo excited..Saw my father today. It was great to see him. I always tell him I love him, he is the best father in the world, and ask if he loves me and he shakes his head yes…..We took a walk around the block and it was very nice…I heard from an old friend today I have not spoken to in years. It was a nice surprise…..I wanted to mention a few funny things about my birthday party…First and fore most I have been dating a couple different people after my last relationship. One of the guys text me an I invited him to my party……When the person arrived I realized i had invited the wrong person with the same name…….A lil uncomfortable, and I did not handle it well…..but it made for some laughs and a great story at the party……Then another funny incident was when I bent down to blow out my candles on my cake, Kaylee shouted out that the cake say’s Happy Anniversary……..ha ha I guess Dyane should of worn her glasses when picking out the cake……..So we had some good laughs….and I think I will not throw a party next year for my bday….It is tiring…..I had a great time and I know by next year everybody is going to be telling me to do it again……but my friends helped a lot…!! Now time to focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas……….Neil told me today that his mother calls him all of the time as she is so sad bout Neil’s Dad dying……That breaks my heart. I am happy that he is here for her and visiting soon….

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